Emotional self-care for everyone

I have been seeing clients for 18 years and one of the number one reasons for therapy is that many have no idea how to take care and show emotions. For decades, instead of teaching children how to express emotions we were taught to be seen and not heard. That our feelings didn’t matter. What a pleasant shock when I learned in college that feelings did matter. Life changing. Children now are being taught emotions, how to express feelings and how
To communicate what is one their minds. As a therapist, I am so happy to see when my child brings in worksheet about emotions. He at such a young age was taught about expression of emotions and how to regulate his emotions when he’s angry o...

Mountains that we overcome

Mountains are beautiful and can be a reminder of what we have been through. Sometimes we feel like we are on that mountain climbing trying to make it to the top. We can feel overwhelmed and stressed due to life, things not in our control, sickness, and mental health issues. I had the pleasure of taking a trip a few weeks ago to Montana. Once I stepped off the plane, all you could see were mountains. Amazing and calming is how I would describe Montana and the Rocky Mountains. I now see why so many people are moving to Montana. My husband and I were there for our ten year anniversary. No kids and no agenda was what we both needed for this trip. As I was there, I was able to be in nature and do...

Five ways to reconnect with yourself

We are entering fall and soon all of the holidays all which can be draining. Have you been feeling overwhelmed or feeling you aren’t connected to things around you or yourself. As a whole, we seem to let everyone and everything around us consumes and takes our time. We can feel disconnected with ourselves through moments in our life or even daily we can feel like this. When we are feeling disconnected from ourselves it can feel like we are just going throgh the motions. We can feel like we are there but no present. Many times it can be easy to reconnect and other times we need to seek mental health professional. Here are five ways to connected in life.

  1. disconnect from social media. Di...

SAD- Seasonal Affect Disorder

What is Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) represents the phenomenon that our moods change as the season changes. It is highly common for individuals to experience depressed moods during the winter months and pleasant moods during the summer months. This is due to the fact that winter has shorter days, less sunlight, and brittle weather. People are usually indoors to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures. On the other hand, summer represents fun, relaxation, and freedom from work obligations; so moods typically lighten during the summer months. Although this is true for most people, an estimated 30% of the population experiences Reverse-SAD. Reverse-SAD is also...

Facing the Challenges of College

Facing the Challenges of College


During this time of the year, many individuals and many families are preparing for a major milestone – going to college! Traditionally, high schoolers are eager to step into a new season of independence. Adults who are returning to college, also known as nontraditional students, may experience some nervousness due to uncertainty. College is a major life decision for anyone, regardless of age or student status.

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve received those acceptance letters, and you’ve made the decision on where you’re going, it is immediately time to prepare! Individuals may feel inclined to share this news with loved ones, especially if you&r...

How to put mindfulness in your life. 4 Steps to putting mindfulness in your life.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness and being in the current state of present. Mindfulness is basically aware of what is happening now. Incorporating mindfulness has shown to help decrease anxiety and depression. I have learned to add mindfulness into my life by adding theses four basic steps.

  1. Set time aside for you to be present and aware. Which means putting phones down and electronics.

  2. Put the same time each day on your schedule and commit. Don’t change the time for a month.

  3. Tell someone you will be adding mindfulness in your life to have someone to hold you accountable.

  4. Decide where you will be practicing mindfulness and make sure it is a place with no distractions.

Towler counseling...

7 Anxiety signs of going back to the office after COVID.

Now that the world and offices have began to open, I have seen the struggle with my clients. Clients are feeling the stressors of being out of the office for the last two years. With Covid we all adjusted to life at home, from juggling work, childcare, homeschooling, and daily life of being at home. We are faced with going back into the world. How can I know I am ready for the office? Am I feeling anxious? Feeling anxious can be a normal experience for anyone who has been at home for two years. Here are seven signs that you might need to look into therapy to assist you with going back into the office.

  1. Sleeping less and worried when you wake in the morning

  2. Suffering from headaches that you norm...


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