7 Anxiety signs of going back to the office after COVID.
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Now that the world and offices have began to open, I have seen the struggle with my clients. Clients are feeling the stressors of being out of the office for the last two years. With Covid we all adjusted to life at home, from juggling work, childcare, homeschooling, and daily life of being at home. We are faced with going back into the world. How can I know I am ready for the office? Am I feeling anxious? Feeling anxious can be a normal experience for anyone who has been at home for two years. Here are seven signs that you might need to look into therapy to assist you with going back into the office.

  1. Sleeping less and worried when you wake in the morning

  2. Suffering from headaches that you norm...

Am I depressed? How will I know?
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Have you ever wondered “Am I depressed or just sad?” You are not alone in this thinking. Depression and sadness can seem the same but have very different underlying symptoms. Sadness is just a feeling that occurs throughout one’s day or week. Sadness does not stay present for very long periods of time. Sadness is a feeling that everyone feels. Sadness can be a normal reaction to everyday occurrences. Sadness is an emotion while depression is a illness. Depression does include feeling sad but includes many other symptoms such as lack of motivation, issues with sleep and eating. Depression comes in many different forms from major depression disorder to bi-polar are all forms ...


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