Mountains that we overcome

Mountains are beautiful and can be a reminder of what we have been through. Sometimes we feel like we are on that mountain climbing trying to make it to the top. We can feel overwhelmed and stressed due to life, things not in our control, sickness, and mental health issues. I had the pleasure of taking a trip a few weeks ago to Montana. Once I stepped off the plane, all you could see were mountains. Amazing and calming is how I would describe Montana and the Rocky Mountains. I now see why so many people are moving to Montana. My husband and I were there for our ten year anniversary. No kids and no agenda was what we both needed for this trip. As I was there, I was able to be in nature and do...

How to put mindfulness in your life. 4 Steps to putting mindfulness in your life.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness and being in the current state of present. Mindfulness is basically aware of what is happening now. Incorporating mindfulness has shown to help decrease anxiety and depression. I have learned to add mindfulness into my life by adding theses four basic steps.

  1. Set time aside for you to be present and aware. Which means putting phones down and electronics.

  2. Put the same time each day on your schedule and commit. Don’t change the time for a month.

  3. Tell someone you will be adding mindfulness in your life to have someone to hold you accountable.

  4. Decide where you will be practicing mindfulness and make sure it is a place with no distractions.

Towler counseling...

Mom life 2022

As a mom of two in 2022, it is a crazy world to be a mom. We just went through a pandemic and changes in all our lives and in the world. I sit here thinking and reflecting on how much has changed in the last two years. In my life, I have added another child who will be one soon and I have added more work to my life. As a boss mom, I have had to learn to take time off and take time for me. I feel like in my family, we have learned to take time for our family and slow down some. Being a therapist, I see how so many moms are struggling with what we thought was mom life to what it really is. As a woman in 2022, we have to take care of us, or we can’t help our families or kids. Being a mom...

Postpartum help

Do you find yourself feeling alone? Do you feel that you are not feeling as you should now that you are a new mom? This is all normal when you are going through postpardum. You do not have to be alone through this. There are many who feel and have been through postpardum depression or anxiety. With the help of your doctor and therapist you can overcome this. We have trained postpardum therapists who are here to help. Call us today.


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