Relational Trauma: What is it?

Relational trauma, a trauma that many of us have never heard of. However, it may relate to if you had a stranied relationship with your primary caregiver or felt abandoned or unloved. At times, relational trauma has been misdiagnosed as PTSD. PTSD occurs when a person witnesses a traumatic event like war, death or a serious accident. PTSD can be easier to diagnose as many therapists are trained in recognizing PTSD. Relational trauma occurs in childhood when a primary caregiver abuses the child over a period of time. A caregiver can be a parent, nanny, grandparent or even a boarding school guardian. What occurs is that a child's life and bond are disrupted by events. This can be when a parent...

How to tell if my teen is vaping? 9 signs all parents need to look for.

How to tell if my teen is vaping? 9 signs your teen is vaping

Due to the pandemic many teens have been at home or spending time with friends that are in their circle which to some parent’s surprise are finding that their teens are experimenting with vaping and/or e-cigarettes. By now most, have heard about vaping or seen someone vaping in public. For teen, the alluring part of vaping is that you can have different vapes and different flavors. It can be easy to hide as well as the vape is small. A vape looks a lot like a zip drive or pen. So, if you are not aware it could be easily overlooked. Look up on google what a vape looks like to help educate yourself.

Signs that your teen is vapin...


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