3 ways to increase better coping skills
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Three ways to increase better coping skills

Coping skills are used in our mental state to assist us in handling the current stress we have in our lives. Weather you feel you are lacking coping skills or if you feel your coping skills are lacking it is great to revisit coping skills. When we manage our stress through coping skills can help you controlling negative thoughts and can help with physically feeling better. We are all dealing with stress in our lives due to the pandemic. As a therapist, I am finding that clients are feeling overwhelmed and compliant with their old coping skills. So how can I find new coping skills?

  1. Go through what you have used in the past to cope with stress. Make a list of theses coping skills and decide if theses skills can be revamped to help or if you need to put those coping skills aside.

  2. Take time for yourself and make this mandatory.

  3. Determine what your stressors are. Once you have figured that out. Then plan to conquer theses stressors with new coping skills.

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