5 Tips for Busy women and pregnancy
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Being pregnant at this time has been very challenging and unique. As a CBT therapist and being pregnant during COVID has been an adjustment. I find that I have less time than before. I am looking for ways to complete everything I can while being at home but can understand the strains and limitations we are all going through at this time. Not only are we exhausted, but we are also trying to maintain a normalcy in this time. If you already have a child, you are already juggling taking care of another little one while trying to stay healthy during your pregnancy. So how can I juggle everything and not forget the little things. Here are 5 tips to assist the busy pregnant woman.

  1. Make a daily list of things that need to be done and then a few things that would be nice to complete. If a daily list is overwhelming, then do a weekly list. Lists help us all stay organized.

  2. Be yourself and know your limitations.

  3. Take a few minutes in the morning to relax (mediation, stretching, yoga) then take a few minutes after lunch for you and then again in the evening. We all need a sanity break.

  4. Delegate work- DO this often. It is fine to give work to others.

  5. Take a day off when you can. This will assist you in resetting and relaxing. Even if it is a few hours.


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