6 Ways to Battle Summer Depression

Summer is the time to take a vacation, hit snooze on your alarm clock, and jump in the pool. Everybody has amazing posts on social media about tanning and that beautiful sunset. However, sometimes summer causes us to feel more depressed than normal. Let's talk about ways to cope with summertime depression.

Keep a routine
While summer is a time for big changes, keeping a fixed pattern can help combat the chaos that comes with summer. When summer begins, it's tempting to let your schedule slip into nonexistence. However, keeping up a routine or schedule adds a sense of control back into your life. That way, you don't become lethargic and slip into depression.

Get plenty of rest
Besides keeping a schedule, it's useful to keep a bedtime. It's imperative to get regular sleep. Sleep has many benefits, and getting the right amount of sleep can be the difference between feeling agitated and depressed or energized and content.

Stay hydrated
The heat is unbearably hot, and you're outside watching your kids play soccer or relaxing on the beach. The one thing you don't think about is are you staying hydrated. Hydration is so important, especially during the summertime, because it can cause a drastic change in our bodies, making us more tired.

Keep on exercising
It's easy to dissuade ourselves from exercising, but exercising regularly helps us move around and get our blood circulating. Exercising gets the blood circulating and gets our bodies moving. During the summer, it's easy to spend hours sitting or laying down, but exercising is important so you don't feel lethargic.

Manage reasonable expectations: for yourself, your vacation, and plans or social events
It's easy to get carried away planning big parties and events during the summer. This is the time when most people are on vacation, so you want to hang out with as many people as possible. While it's good to socialize and spend time with our loved ones, it's also important that you don't overbook yourself. Sometimes we can get carried away with making plans that when we have to follow through, puts on a lot of stress trying to ensure everything is perfect.

Take a break
Last but not least, it's important to take a break and breathe. A lot happens during the summer, and you must take time apart to live and do something you enjoy. Make sure to take time to relax and unwind, and do something you love, such as listen to music, read a book, write in a journal, watch a movie, take a relaxing bath, etc.


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