COVID and online sessions
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March 2020 was a month and year we will never forget. I remember I had just gotten back from a birthday trip from Asheville, N.C. Little did I know that would be my last trip for a while. I remember going back into that office after vacation and clients being concerned. Many asking what would the sessions look like if we had to shut down? Would we still meet? How would we meet? At that point I had no idea, I would have to shut down and be virtual for a whole year. I learned how to use different platforms to assist clients with what was convenient for the clients. As humans, we learn to adapt and learn now to move through what we are experiencing. I saw many struggles with how to be at home and how to handle the new way of life. As a CBT therapist, I work with clients on challenging their thoughts and beliefs to learn new ways of thinking and moving forward. Here I was as well not sure what the next steps would look like and if telemental therapy would work. I learned it does. Studies show that it does. A study done NCBI done in 12/2017 shows that it works universally all around is a good option for mental health.

The apa also completed date and found that telemental health worked and that due to the pandemic the field was accelerated into the new world of telemental health. In my practice, 95% of all of client caseload stayed with us during the pandemic and adapted to telemental health. We all learned with each other how to handle all the ups and downs with technology. Will we ever go back to what we feel was normal? At this point we are still learning but I do know that there will be a lot more clients asking for virtual due to the convenience of the sessions.

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