Emotional self-care for everyone

I have been seeing clients for 18 years and one of the number one reasons for therapy is that many have no idea how to take care and show emotions. For decades, instead of teaching children how to express emotions we were taught to be seen and not heard. That our feelings didn’t matter. What a pleasant shock when I learned in college that feelings did matter. Life changing. Children now are being taught emotions, how to express feelings and how
To communicate what is one their minds. As a therapist, I am so happy to see when my child brings in worksheet about emotions. He at such a young age was taught about expression of emotions and how to regulate his emotions when he’s angry or upset. If a small child can emotional express how he’s feeling the so can we as adults. Emotional self-care can seem foreign or unattainable but it you begin to practice a few small steps a day you can begin to see how you feel and gain a better understanding of your emotions. Begin my spending 3-5 minutes in your thoughts. Then begin to explore the emotions and feelings by writing your feelings. This is so freeing. You begin by just writing whatever is on your mind. Think about a trusted person you care for and who listens to you. Begin to practice expressing your feelings to this person. Realize that it is okay to ask and state what you want. Begin to mediate and practice this daily. Make an appointment with a therapist. We have several therapists that are available and can help.

By:Tara Towler Cumby LPC CPCS


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