Family origins and how to break the cycle

Families of origins can leave a lasting impression on our lives. You might think, “why do I sound like my mom or dad?” Even when we try hard not too. As a child, we begin to see the cycle of how our family works even if it is negative things that occurred in our family. It’s because the person who raised us left an impression on our personality. The impressions thast are left on us can be sheded or theses thoughts stick. As a therapist, I have seen and worked with so many clients who have tried for years to shed the past but it does take a deep dive into your past and habits. Some of what we witnessed or interactions have a lasting way to stick and can take years to let go. Cbt is a type of therapy where we being to unpack the dysfunction of your past in relation to your family. I’m when I work with clients, we take a few session looking at family and their past. We begin to map out the past and dysfunctional behaviors. We do not blame parents but look at how we can break the cycles of the past. When a person begins to break the cycles, it’s amazing to see the freedom they begin to feel and see. If you are interested in breaking dysfunction in your life give us a call.
By: Tara Towler Cumby LPC Cpcs


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