Five ways to reconnect with yourself

We are entering fall and soon all of the holidays all which can be draining. Have you been feeling overwhelmed or feeling you aren’t connected to things around you or yourself. As a whole, we seem to let everyone and everything around us consumes and takes our time. We can feel disconnected with ourselves through moments in our life or even daily we can feel like this. When we are feeling disconnected from ourselves it can feel like we are just going throgh the motions. We can feel like we are there but no present. Many times it can be easy to reconnect and other times we need to seek mental health professional. Here are five ways to connected in life.

  1. disconnect from social media. Disconnecting from social media can assist you in reconnecting to yourself and the world around you. When you are always online the world is passing too buy.

  2. Take a walk outside- even if it’s 10-15 minutes.

  3. Start to mediate. Mediation can be a great way to focus on our thoughts and begin to connect with ourselves.

  4. Read a book or article that is interesting and sparks your interest.

  5. Take a notebook and pen. Write what comes to mind.

Try theses steps to help connect with your self.


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