How to know when my teen is feeling depressed or isolating too much?
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How to know when my teen is feeling depressed or isolating too much?

As a Cognitive Behavior therapist, I have parents ask me how do I know when my teen is depressed? Or Isolating to much? And how to respond. Being a parent is hard in general and being a parent to a teen in 2021 is even harder. There is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming on what to look for and what is extreme. If a teen says they are having thoughts of self harm or in way make any gesture toward that statement you need to take it serious. As a therapist, I say call and have your child checked out at your local mental health hospital. Check in with your teen daily on how they are feeling. If you see signs or feel worried go with your instinct as you know your child best. Here are a few signs to look for;

  1. Changes in moods that cannot be explained

  2. Changes in sleep. Sleeping to much or too little

  3. Changes to appetite

  4. Self-harming behaviors. Self-harming behaviors are-cutting, burning, biting, hitting self

  5. Stopping activities that your teen use to enjoy

  6. Not hanging out with friends or family

If you are seeing this with your teen call your local mental hospital or therapist. If you are in the Atlanta area we can help. or call 404-580-7150


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