Loving yourself

Welcome February 2023. At Towler Counseling, if you have been following us for January, we discuss setting and sticking with goals. February, I thought I would blog about setting goals for ourself and how to love ourselves even when we don’t meet theses goals. I have heard many of times “that’s easier said than done”. I get it. I have said theses words. I have been mad myself for not making a goal when I felt I should have. How can I give myself grace? How can I be okay with maybe not meeting a goal or keep pushing until I meet the goal. I ask clients, how do you show grace to others? Once you can explore and answer this question then apply it to yourself. Goals can be tough and that is fine. If you are having a hard time then maybe revisit and find a way to achieve this goal. Or maybe it’s a goal
That is just unattainable. There are many goals we place on ourself that is just not attainable. Maybe never or maybe at another point in our life we can achieve this goal. I encourage you to take this month and find ways to love yourself and give grace to yourself. Find love and peace this month. Continue to check back and find ways to love yourself.


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