Mom life 2022

As a mom of two in 2022, it is a crazy world to be a mom. We just went through a pandemic and changes in all our lives and in the world. I sit here thinking and reflecting on how much has changed in the last two years. In my life, I have added another child who will be one soon and I have added more work to my life. As a boss mom, I have had to learn to take time off and take time for me. I feel like in my family, we have learned to take time for our family and slow down some. Being a therapist, I see how so many moms are struggling with what we thought was mom life to what it really is. As a woman in 2022, we have to take care of us, or we can’t help our families or kids. Being a mom is my world but not my only world. I had to relearn what being a mom is and how to take care of myself along with my kids. I learned that I need to take a few minutes to hours for me. I have learned to spend time with my husband. Yes, you can take time for you. We prioritize everything else so just add this to your life or schedule. Take time and go to therapy or join a mom’s group.

By: Tara Towler Cumby LP-C CPCS


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