Mountains that we overcome

Mountains are beautiful and can be a reminder of what we have been through. Sometimes we feel like we are on that mountain climbing trying to make it to the top. We can feel overwhelmed and stressed due to life, things not in our control, sickness, and mental health issues. I had the pleasure of taking a trip a few weeks ago to Montana. Once I stepped off the plane, all you could see were mountains. Amazing and calming is how I would describe Montana and the Rocky Mountains. I now see why so many people are moving to Montana. My husband and I were there for our ten year anniversary. No kids and no agenda was what we both needed for this trip. As I was there, I was able to be in nature and do some hiking. We decided to do the m hike. The m hike is basically a large m on the side of a mountain. The students at Montana state university back in the 1920’s constructed this hike. There are two ways up to the m. A easy hike around the mountains or straight up. The straight up was less time but very strenuous. We decided to complete the straight up hike. A big mistake! The hike was not what we expected. To me it seemed like I was rock climbing and I was determined to make it up and back down. The home was the hardest hike for me. I just had to keep my focus and keep my eyes straight down or up. I knew that if I didn’t keep my eyes on the hike I would fall. I definitely didn’t want to be that person. I made it down with no injuries. As I reflect now on the mountain and the hike, it reminds me of life and when we are in a struggle. The past few years have been a struggle for so many. Mental health has been challenged and is busy. I hear and understand. I can see what it’s like being on that mountain and stuck. Unsure of which way to go or if you will even make it down. It’s hard but don’t give up. The mountain could take weeks or months to conquer but you can. As for help, seek a therapist and take care of you.



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