Pregnant and in a pandemic? Coping skills to assist in this new normal.
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Pregnant and in a pandemic? What rare the odds? Right. But that is what a lot of pregnant woman are dealing with right now. Pregnancy is not what it once was. There is no going to Target or Buy Buy baby to spend hours shopping and placing items on a registry. Instead, it is all done online. There are limited baby showers if any depending on what state you live in and how you feel about the COVID risks. I am pregnant with my second child now. Looking back at what I experienced six years ago when I was pregnant with my first a lot has changed. I am realizing how fortunate I was to be able to have a few baby showers, go on trips and being able to shop without a mask. Being pregnant and wearing a mask is not a pregnant women friend, but we do it. As a therapist, working with new moms I see the pain and stress that they are experiencing because this is not what they had imagined. Which leads, depression and frustrations. How can I deal with being pregnant in a pandemic and still enjoy my pregnancy?


  1. It is okay to say I am not okay with this.

  2. Try to begin to focus on the baby growing inside of you.

  3. Try to incorporate mediation into your daily practice or just take a few moments to breathe each day.

  4. Talk and talk about your feelings. Let the feelings out

  5. Do little things for you. Think of ways you can take self-care to a new level

  6. Go to therapy or a group that can support you


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