Surviving Summer with your kids!
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How to survive summer with babies, toddlers and kids. School is out and so is most church school and unless you are planning on sending your kids to camp they are home with you! Camps can be fun but some are limited to ages and can be pricy.

Thinking about summer what was one fun activity you did as a kid? Can you do this with your kids> Family tradition?

Make a list of things you would like to do this summer. But keep it reasonable. I have seen list with over a 100 things mom wanted to do and that is overwhelming for you and your child.

Plan your days. Make a schedule and try to stick with it. It can be fun so make it fun. Add in downtime or naps. Add in a lunch calendar and let the kids plan to do this. My son loves to cook and plan meals and he is only 4. So you can do it.

Plan play dates

Let them be bored so they can use their imagination

Remember it can be fun and do not stress. The heat is hot so cool off

Things to do for you:

Be a kid and eat a Popsicle

Make a mom drink even if it is iced coffee

Carve out mom time. Even if it is at the end of the day. Hire a babysitter for a few hours a week to give you a break.

Plan mom nights out

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