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Therapy for Women’s Issues

At Towler Counseling, we recognize that women can face unique mental health struggles. We are passionate about working with women facing these issues and empowering them to process and overcome their struggles. We are here to let you know that you are not alone. In the past few years, many women are now being vocal about there mental health struggles do not think you are alone. 

We are offering a new mom support group beginning June 22 at 11am. Zoom group. The cost is 100 for 3 groups. 

Call us today. We can help! We offer the different types of therapy below:

Prenatal therapy - We offer prenatal introduction sessions to help moms-to-be prepare for their baby and focus on their own self-care throughout the pregnancy and newborn period. In these sessions, we offer the mother step-by-step recommendations to be prepared for postpartum life, as well as education on the signs of prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression and tools to overcome them.

Postpartum depression/anxiety therapy - our therapists are trained in using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help new mothers struggling with

postpartum depression and anxiety. While most women experience intense emotions or depression (often referred to as “baby blues”) for about 1-3

weeks after delivery, some women experience more persistent and intense feelings of depression. If these heightened emotions last more than a few

weeks, you are probably experiencing postpartum depression, which typically emerges over the first 2-3 months after childbirth, but may occur at any

point up to 18 months after delivery. Talking to a licensed counselor can give you the tools to help you through this period.

Therapy for mothers - often, moms need extra support and struggle with learning how to care for themselves while also caring for their children.

In therapy, we can help you develop coping skills to deal with depression, anxiety, and the daily stress of life, as well as working on taking care of

yourself and dealing with overwhelming feelings.

Pregnancy loss therapy - Because it was traditionally a taboo topic, many women feel unable to speak about their experiences with pregnancy loss.

However, talking through your grief with a counselor can be an incredibly healing experience. For many women, the loss of a pregnancy can be

incredibly traumatic, lonely, and scary. In therapy, we can help you process your loss in a healthy way.

Depression and Anxiety therapy for women-  we work with you on where you are and assist you in gaining an understanding and triggers to you depression and anxiety. 


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We specialize in treating a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, addictions, play therapy, trauma, motherhood, life changes, Postpartum, child therapy, post traumatic trauma and mood disorders.


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